Let’s talk!

Let’s talk – The most difficult 2 words in the world! As a renowned Ad guru put it in one of his interviews, these two words could make the world’s biggest problem seem like nothing. Only if one mustered the courage to say them!

Yes. The key here is courage. Courage to face the problem or actually believe there IS a problem. Be ready for its possible repercussions and fight over its arguments. The key lies in understanding that this could make or break it. And if it could then it better be worth it!

Ever wonder how you make friends?

Ever wonder what gets you cracking at an interview for your desired job?

Ever wonder what you actually fall in love with?

Ever wonder what could actually solve the India-Pakistan issue?

All of these things begin (can begin) with a very simple idea – Let’s talk.

That’s the power of those two words. I recently was a part of a very interesting exercise undertaken by a leading podcast group All India Backchod who actually effectively brought to life what effect these two words could have. They got strangers from Indian and Pakistan to talk to each other – not about Politics, not about Kashmir and not even about Cricket – Just talk about whatever you can. The entire experience was enlightening, to say the least. Never did I imagine that we could actually have a conversation on anything, plus it could be so cordial and pleasant. I felt better the entire week after that, almost feeling as if I contributed to solving it between the two countries. And the reaction from the other end was 10x my own. The point being, apart from stating (for the record) that all of it was real and organic, it was very very simple. Just pick up the phone and talk about whatever you feel right. The conversation just needs to begin, the rest falls in place on its own!

Here’s a link to the video to understand this better:


Now, you might wonder what’s the point here! Where’s this leading to! You can’t solve national issues right? Precisely! You don’t have to solve a national issue.

This is to actually prevent any issue at all before it really becomes an ISSUE.

For the sake of simplification, taking my all-time favorite references from the bank of unnecessarily complicated life stories of Bollywood characters!

For the lack of a better example (argh) let’s take the movie, Student of the year

student-of-the-year Student_of_The_Year_33_catdh_Indya101(dot)com Ratta-Maar-Song-Student-Of-The-Year-Movie-Sidharth-Malhotra-Alia-Bhatt-Varun-Dhawan 356180-student-of-the-year

The bonding between Siddharth and Varun’s characters was impeccable irrespective of their backgrounds and interests. But their equations still worsened, due to reasons best known to Karan Johar (read: launching Alia Bhatt!) Siddharth and Varun could have not had the issues they created, if they would have just spoken to each other. All that was needed was egos on the side and just TALK. Like they did eventually in the end – when they had forever ruined the reputation of the school’s only followed tradition and manage to kill the principal out of the guilt, let alone the stupid madness that the rest of the clan followed.

Simple right?

What happens in Wake up Sid between Sid and Rishi who are best friends is just the exact thing – Just talk and in minutes the problem wouldn’t even exist anymore.

It would be unfair if I don’t cite YJHD. All Aditya and Ranbir had to do was talk and get it out. And all the anguish that had built up in years, just vanished.


You might think but that’s between friends and is understood. But that proves nothing at all.

Let’s see what these words can do between strangers. It could mean a start to a new association, which has the potential to change both the people’s world. Only if you wouldn’t have had those first two conversations with certain people, assuming they are not your type or you wouldn’t click – you wouldn’t even have half the no. of friends you have, you would never find your soul mate because you never really tried!

Let me cite a few examples from my recent favorite movies

In Highway, if Alia didn’t have an open mind to strike a conversation with Randeep, she would have never found her inner self – the journey which eventually became a self-exploration would’ve been a journey of self-pity and destruction with negativity as the only feeling that she would’ve been left with. (There’s tons more I want to write about this film, but for now the focus is here)


On similar lines, if Rani didn’t have the guts to talk to Lakshmi or Alexander or Vijay himself for the matter, she would’ve been a bechari dukhyari ladki in the Indian vocabulary.

Queen_movie_Stills_003 Queen-Movie

Most wars in the history were also solved by these words only! Most of us just have to deal with our quarter life crisis more correctly.


P.S.: Examples between strangers were about girls because girls are generally open-minded and more forgiving to everything. And examples about friends’ cited were between guys, because they have an uncanny talent of not opening up about things that mean something to them.

And of course, I’ve chosen them for a purpose. So, if you feel this is directed towards you – you’re right! 🙂

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